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Innovative solutions keep security, budget and enhanced experiences top of mind.  

As the number of organizations born in the cloud continues to grow, adding more subscribers and users poses significant challenges.

Organizations must prioritize managing costs, providing enhanced customer experiences, and ensuring absolute security for user data.


Lightstream knows the cloud and better yet, our team is stacked with industry experts who know the ins and outs of cloud capabilities and can help you leverage cutting-edge technologies to experiment and innovate more quickly.

Our proven cloud-based capabilties

Our customized solutions meet you where you are, including keeping your customers’ data safe to creating an agile and scalable cloud framework.



You built your offering in the cloud and have taken every step necessary to create a secure service your customers can trust. But like with any cloud offering, you face security threats from unauthorized access and the third parties you work with. Data loss is also a concern. Work with cybersecurity experts who monitor and respond to security threats proactively to ensure you keep your most valued assets secure.



Cloud misconfigurations can wreak havoc on data security, exposing your data and your clients’ data to malicious hackers. Don’t fall victim to an attack that encrypts or deletes crucial data, or worse, destroys your cloud infrastructure. Work with a cloud partner to secure your cloud and protect your data.



While cloud-based services have come a long way, they still rely on a network to function. They must transfer massive amounts of data, in real-time, to and from the cloud, which requires a solid internet connection and significant bandwidth. You need to monitor your network to prevent downtime and ensure peak performance. Working with a service provider that continuously monitors and optimizes your network for security and performance ensures your business never goes offline.

Keeping an eye on the bottom line

With Lightstream’s team of experts, a large-scale streaming and video platform company cut costs, improved performance, and enhanced operational and security measures.

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