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No matter where you are in your cloud journey, we’re committed to helping you maximize your cloud investments. Whether your business was born in the cloud, is in the process of migrating, or requires modernization for the future, we are your trusted guide. We’ll help you harness the power of your cloud infrastructure to achieve your desired business outcomes. 

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We love helping organizations of all sizes to modernize, optimize, and secure their cloud environments. We know how to achieve performance balanced with cost efficiency because we can address your IT infrastructure end to end. As your business expands, we’ll help you ensure your cloud is flexible, scalable, and elastic to accommodate every business cycle.

Our secure cloud environments are seamlessly integrated into your business operations and designed to safeguard your valuable digital assets, whether you’re compute resources are in a cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid environment. And we’ll support you with an array of monitoring, management and professional services to augment your team and expertise. 

In a 2022 survey of cloud FinOps practitioners, 37.1% of the 572 respondents who answered a question about the maturity level of their cloud FinOps efforts said they were in the “crawl” stage — getting the basics in place. Another 41.7% were in the “walk” stage, where practitioners have established practices but not yet perfected them, while just 19.5% of participants were at the leading edge of maturity, where cloud FinOps is business as usual (the “run” stage). The remaining respondents comprised a “pre-crawl” segment.

Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon AWS is a cloud computing platform offering storage, computing power, databases, and various services for businesses and developers.

Microsoft Azure Partner

A technology giant providing a broad range of software, hardware, and cloud services, including productivity tools, technology and cloud solutions.

Cloud Infrastructure

A robust cloud computing platform known for its expertise in data analytics and machine learning, offering scalability and advanced AI capabilities.

Results-driven cloud

Cloud Computing Solutions: We've been in the helping companies develop cloud strategies for years with a comprehensive suite of cloud computing solutions built in the most trusted cloud platforms. 


Lightstream offers comprehensive suite of cloud services around Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. We can assist you with everything – from developing scalable platforms to helping optimize you cloud applications through our DevSecOps consulting practice. With our holistic approach, we serve as a one-stop destination for all your cloud service needs.

Secure Cloud Migration: Lightstream ensures a smooth and secure transition of your business data and applications to the cloud. 


We'll assist in creating a migration strategy, coupled with the use of best-in-class security strategies and tools, that will not only minimize disruption to your business operations but also guarantee the safety and integrity of your digital assets throughout the migration process. Our cloud engineers and architects work in close collaboration with your team, offering guidance and support every step of the way.


Our credentials with the world's top cloud platforms are deep and tested so that you know your cloud migration experience is in safe hands with Lightstream as your trusted guide. 

DevSecOps Consulting: Lightstream DevSecOps consulting offers your business expertise in integrating security practices seamlessly into the software development lifecycle. Our team assists organizations in establishing robust security protocols from the initial stages of development to deployment and beyond. By conducting thorough threat assessments, vulnerability management, and security testing, Lightstream helps you ensure the proactive identification and mitigation of risks. Our holistic approach fosters a culture of security awareness among development teams while implementing automation and orchestration for efficient and secure code delivery. With Lightstream DevSecOps consulting, clients can confidently innovate and release software, knowing that it's fortified by the latest secure development strategies.

Cloud Optimization: Let us help you fine-tune your cloud infrastructure for peak performance, ensuring that it runs efficiently and cost-effectively. With the help of Lightstream Connect™ you can analyze utilization, inventory and resources to tailor resources to fit your specific needs.

Our cloud engineers understand the intricacies of optimizing cloud environments for performance and cost effectiveness. Leveraging the robust capabilities of Lightstream Connect™, we provide insights into utilization, inventory, and resource allocation, allowing you to tailor your cloud resources to your specific needs. You'll also have access to our FinOps practice to help you with a managed cost-optimization solution that delivers consistent savings over time. 

Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Today's cloud environments often leverage multiple cloud vendors into a combined public and private hybrid cloud environment.

We design, implement and secure hybrid cloud solutions, enabling a seamless integration between your on-premise systems and cloud services. 


Lightstream's cybersecurity expertise will be invaluable in assisting you to integrate a comprehensive security model across your hybrid cloud environment that enforces consistent security principles everywhere and protects your digital assets whether they are moving or stored.


And Let us consolidate your cloud vendors, inventory, billing, and analytics into one place with Lightstream Connect™ software.

Managed Security Services: Lightstream's managed cloud security services take the complexity out of defending your cloud infrastructure. By offloading some of your cloud security operations tasks to us, your team can focus more on core business initiatives and innovation. Our proactive approach ensures potential threats are identified and addressed before they can impact your business, and our Cloud Defense monitoring offers a cloud-native application protection program (CNAPP) combined with our 24x7x365 security operation center (SOC).

Lightstream Cloud Defense employs a NIST-based security model to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover to security threats in real-time, and at scale.

Inventory and Billing Consolidation with Lightstream Connect™: Lightstream streamlines your cloud operations by consolidating your inventory, analytics, and billing into one central location through Lightstream Connect™. This consolidated view simplifies management, increases visibility, and enhances your financial control over cloud assets.

FinOps Solutions: Our Cloud Finanical Operations practice is second-to-none with the ability to facilitate efficient financial operations in the cloud. By aligning your IT and finance teams, we help create strategies and practices to better manage and forecast cloud costs, leading to more predictable budgeting and strategic spending. Through regular reports and meetings, we ensure that both teams are on the same page and working towards your financial and operational objectives.

Our FinOps practice is supported by Lightstream Connect™ Software with utilization & reporting, cost optimization tools, consolidated billing and inventory management, and more.

Lightstream FinOps gives you more control over the financial management of your cloud assets. 

Number 1 reason to engage with Lightstream is the cost savings. Second reason is their AWS knowledge and guidance in developing a fully functional infrastructure based on best practices. Lastly, they function more like a partner than technical consultants and are willing to work with our company on a pace that we can support.


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A cloud computing partner with solutions to today's challenges

Your digital landscape often entails managing a rapidly changing and complex cloud environment with the intertwining of public, private, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud resources.


Seamlessly integrating of all of the pieces can prove to be a formidable task. Lightstream is here to alleviate the burden of designing and integrating intricate cloud solutions, enabling you to concentrate on your core business priorities.


Having a reliable partner can make all the difference in the world. Trust Lightstream to guide you to your desired destination in the cloud.

  • As a credentialed partner of the top cloud computing platforms, we can help you with your most challenging tasks.
  • Our ability to integrate cloud, network and cybersecurity services into a single, end-to-end solution is unmatched.
  • Cost containment and optimization are priorities for every IT professional. We've got you covered.
  • We’re here 24/7—no waiting for hours or days to mitigate any problems that arise
  • You want to plan for the future, so we hold strategy meetings and anticipate what’s next as your business grows

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Keeping track of bills, technologies, security issues, and uptime can overwhelm even the largest teams. So we’ve brought everything you need to know about daily operations and tech spend into a single platform—no more opening multiple bills and spreadsheets, just everything you need, all in one place.

View real-time data, analyze reports, and optimize for cost savings. You can do it all in Lightstream Connect.

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