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We solve IT challenges for hospitality companies and restaurants chains with secure, next-generation networks and computing infrastructures that are built to improve customer experience and the bottom line. 

Our customized solutions are focused on keeping your customers’ data safe, and making their experience fast and efficient.

We offer customized solutions to renowned hospitality and food chains you know. Our next-generation cloud and networking solutions have revolutionized how food and hospitality institutions interact with their customers, providing them with a fast, seamless, and secure experience. Let us assist you in modernizing your infrastructure, enabling you to deliver a fully safe, reliable, and personalized customer experience.

Our proven hospitality & food capabilties

Our customized solutions meet you where you are, including keeping your customers’ data safe to creating an agile and scalable cloud framework.



Security tops the list of today's IT challenges. You want to create an exceptional experience, yet secure experience for your guests, whether it’s securing their data when they sign on to your guest wifi or swipe their cards in your PoS machines. Cybersecurity—especially preventing data breaches and cyberattacks on your systems—is the top priority. We'll help you build a security posture that prioritizes your customers’ safety and keep your systems secure.



The cloud has revolutionized the customer experience, allowing for more personalized interactions at your hotel, bar, or restaurant. While the cloud has changed the way the hospitality industry does business, it also comes with the potential for ballooning costs and a reliance on the internet that could shut down operations if the network goes down. You need a partner to help manage your cloud and ensure you’re getting the most from the cloud while monitoring risks and costs.



When a high number of customers and hundreds, if not thousands of locations are all needing access to your network resources, you can't afford to have a network that bogs down because it cannot meet traffic demands. We'll help deploy next-generation networking technologies that optimize cost, prioritize performance and protect your digital assets and your customers.

The QSR (quick service restaurant) industry is at the cutting edge of transformative technologies and Lightstream is working with several major global brands that are producing results in the areas of revenue, operations, and employee and guest experiences. Our goal is to improve business outcomes of our partners while delivering a secure digital transformation for their business.

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