Modern security solution helps businesses prevent unnecessary and costly technology purchases

Modern security solution helps businesses prevent unnecessary and costly technology purchases

Lightstream ensures future-proofing of existing ecosystem

Business Challenges

A nearly 30-year-old financial services company that provides consumer financial solutions for automobile dealerships needed a modern security solution with complete visibility and control over all cloud resources. It utilizes artificial intelligence to look beyond a borrower’s credit score and factor in additional external criteria to offer competitive financing on new and used vehicles to customers who might otherwise qualify only for high-down-payment loans.

The company is recognized throughout the industry for its innovative lending programs and needed a modern, future-proofed cloud security solution.

Detect & Prevent Threats
A sophisticated security solution is crucial to the success of this business in order to detect and prevent threats across its complex multi-cloud resources. It needed a solution to protect applications as part of an ever-changing environment. Unique security requirements for each native application made consistent workload protection a challenge.

Blind Spot Risk
The company’s diverse architecture restricted visibility, threatening the risk of blind spots in its security and creating numerous protection challenges.

Leadership Change
The company recently had a change in leadership and the new leadership needed guidance to understand the status of its cloud security. The team discovered a lack of visibility into its current capabilities and infrastructure. This prompted the company to begin sourcing software solutions outside of the Prisma Cloud line of products.

The Lightstream Solution

Handling the complexity of securing a multi-cloud environment, Lightstream provides a modern security solution that allows a top financial services organization to gain complete visibility and control over all its cloud resources while preventing additional spend on unnecessary technology.

Full-Scope Solution
Lightstream’s team of experts configured a full-scope solution and educated the company as to what it had in terms of security, what it could utilize and what it needed to address.

Preventing Unnecessary Purchases
Lightstream helped the financial services company capitalize on its existing security solutions, preventing the purchase of unnecessary tech. It met with the company’s leadership to help them gain visibility into the current state of its ecosystem and guide them through different security offerings available as part of the programs it already had in place.

Unmatched Risk Clarity
Lightstream set up Prisma Cloud Security Posture Management to ensure the company is covered across its different clouds. It gives the company’s security team continued comprehensive visibility across its cloud infrastructure. It also provides insight into new and existing assets and potential threats. Using CSPM, the company has unmatched risk clarity and operational insight.

Protection from Unwanted Threats
The company runs a complex environment susceptible to blind spots in security. It needed Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) to address its constantly changing environment. CWP safeguards the company’s applications from unwanted activity and threats and ensures the company’s hosts, containers and serverless applications are secure.

Rapid Deployment
Lightstream had the company’s entire cloud infrastructure covered by Prisma protections in less than a week. That meant less downtime and disruptions in day-to-day operations.

Business Outcomes

Minimal Disruptions
Lightstream quickly deployed secure cloud infrastructure while maximizing the value of the company’s Prisma usage and minimizing disruptions in business operations.

Security Breach Protection
Continuous monitoring of the company’s workspaces will help minimize, if not avoid, security breaches.

Protection for the Future
Lightstream provided a modern, future-proofed cloud security solution. Life cycle management will monitor and address new instances as well as possible abandoned instances in need of new security patches.

Find Your Modern Security Solution

Lightstream can help your business capitalize on its existing security solutions and prevent the purchase of unnecessary technology. To get started with a cost efficient and modern, future-proofed cloud security solution, contact us today.

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