Unlocking efficiency in your cloud infrastructure


Lightstream FinOps helps you optimize your cloud spend. As cloud technologies become an integral part of your business, effective management and optimization of your infrastructure can be complex, yet pivotal to your company’s financial health. That’s why organizations are asking for our help with their financial operations (FinOps) - a practice that fosters better control, discipline, and accountability over technology expenditures

A Qualified Team

Lightstream’s qualified FinOps offering is supported by finance experts who possess extensive certifications from AWS and Azure. With their deep understanding of financial operations and cloud technologies, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our FinOps practices. Your cloud financial operations management is in capable hands, backed by professionals who are well-versed in optimizing costs, driving efficiency, and leveraging the latest industry best practices. 

The Right Focus

Lightstream FinOps combines financial management practices with cloud technology to help you gain better control over your cloud spending and maximize the value of your cloud investments by improving accountability, cost allocation, monitoring, optimization, and reporting.

Uses tagging, alerts budgeting and reporting to create accountability 

Reduces costs through discounts, special pricing and contract management

Reduces costs through waste management, rightsizing and architecture

Unmatched Insight: Lightstream FinOps and Lightstream Connect™

Our FinOps is a transformative solution that will play a pivotal role in maximizing the value of your cloud investments. You will be able to easily identify cost drivers, optimize resource usage, and implement strategies to reduce cloud costs, ensuring that your financial resources are allocated efficiently.

Coupled with Lightstream Connect™, everything you need to know about daily operations and tech spend is integrated into a single platform. No more opening multiple bills and spreadsheets—view real-time data, analyze reports, and optimize for cost savings.

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Master the art of Cloud Cost Containment

Lightstream is poised to elevate your financial acumen and operational expertise, ensuring you reap the maximum ROI from your cloud investments. Download our FinOps Solutions Brief to learn more.


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