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Customize your retail technology experience into something everyone will appreciate. 

In the fast-moving retail industry, you need compute resources and network connectivity solutions for everything from your inventory management software and POS systems to myriad types of endpoint devices that improve your customer experience.

We build cybersecurity, connectivity, and cloud computing solutions tailored specifically for retail chains of all sizes. We’ll ensure that your business operates at its optimal performance while staying secure and maintaining cost-effectiveness. We understand the importance of a stellar customer experience, which is why our solutions are designed to empower your organization with advanced technologies and robust security. Partner with us and experience the seamless fusion of security, technology and exceptional customer service. 

Our proven retail capabilties

Our customized solutions meet you where you are, including keeping your customers’ data safe to creating an agile and scalable cloud framework.



With millions of customer transactions a day and mountains of sensitive consumer data, the retail industry is exceptionally prone to ransomware and PoS attacks. Supply chain attacks can also devastate retailers that rely on those products to stock their stores. Protect credit card information, consumer data, and your organization safe with a robust security solution and team that acts proactively at any sign of a cybersecurity threat.



The cloud helps retailers do everything from processing and analyzing data in real-time to help you make intelligent business decisions to managing your warehouse remotely. But with the cloud comes some risks, like a larger attack surface and poor authentication that can grant access to consumers’ credit card information. You need a cloud service provider that can manage a cloud or hybrid cloud environment and act fast when security threats arise.



In a transaction-based business, uptime is crucial. If your network goes down, your kiosks, PoS systems, and stores shut down and you can’t process those transactions—you lose revenue. You need a partner who can build a network that is fast, reliable and cost effective, and that is designed to avoid the risk of congestion or downtime. Our secure, next-generation networking solutions are optimized for security, spped and ROI.

A global retailer, with over 800 locations outgrows its network

Lightstream provides dedicated client engagement managers for a global retailer to maintain corporate-wide network inventory and connectivity services for over 800 locations while reducing challenges with telecom carriers and reducing costs.

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