Lightstream helps entertainment company deploy cloud-based application in just weeks

Lightstream helps entertainment company deploy cloud-based application in just weeks

Business Challenge

A North American entertainment company is the largest entertainment-budget management and payroll company in the region, operating several locations across the U.S. and Canada. The customer needed to refactor its applications in the cloud to contain costs and improve elasticity.


An internal-IT resource shortage hindered the customer’s application modernization effort. Lightstream had work previously with the customer on cloud optimization and containment services for AWS and had demonstrated strong knowledge of the environment. As a result, the customer engaged Lightstream to assist with the project and provide staff augmentation services.

Lightstream first architected a security methodology and framework for the customer’s DevOp’s environment. This included public-cloud environment isolation, threat detection, identity management, malware protection, encryption, availability, change management, vulnerability, and monitoring.

Lightstream also augmented the customer’s IT team with specialized engineering staff to lead the effort, creating a monitoring strategy for the customer’s AWS applications and writing needed backup and restore scripts to ensure business continuity.

Lightstream implemented AWS Auto Scaling to monitor applications and automatically adjust capacity to maintain consistent performance levels. AWS Elasticache was used to seamlessly add in an in-memory layer to the infrastructure.

AWS CloudWatch and CloudTrail were used to monitor and manage the applications by providing greater visibility across the distributed stack. Lightstream implemented AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config to simplify security analysis, resource change, tracking, and troubleshooting.

The Lightstream engineering staff finally moved the newly refactored applications into production and provided additional software development expertise to complete the project.

Business Outcomes

Lightstream enabled the customer to complete the architecture and deployment of the cloud-based solution in a matter of weeks instead of several months.

The customer’s application modernization effort reduces future systems development cost, integrates workflows more effectively, and enable cross-application code usability — all at lower cost and with increased service availability and quality.

AWS services help automate and provide greater visibility to keep the customer’s applications and data secure.

Why Lightstream

As an APN Advanced Consulting Partner, Lightstream supports organizations in addressing, designing, and managing AWS cloud migration and security plans. Our team of experts provide a full portfolio of services ranging from AWS Analytics to AWS Cloud Optimization and Containment Services, AWS Consolidated Billing Services, AWS Chatbot Solutions, AWS Direct Connect, and AWS CloudFront.

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