Navigating Networks: Part II

Navigating Networks: Part II

The Financial Impact of NOC as a Service

Leveraging a third party to manage your network infrastructure has direct benefits to your organization’s’ bottoms line. In fact, the negative consequences of not leveraging a 24×7 NOC Service could be costly. Here is a list of 5 real cost-driving factors related to an unmanaged network.


  1. Downtime Costs:
    • Frequent network outages result in lost productivity and potential revenue loss.
    • Each minute of downtime incurs costs in disrupted operations.
  2. Decreased Productivity:
    • Slow or unreliable network connections hinder employee productivity.
    • NOC as a Service minimizes time spent waiting for systems to respond.
  3. Customer Dissatisfaction and Loss:
    • Poorly configured devices affect customer-facing systems, leading to dissatisfaction.
    • Dissatisfaction may result in customer churn, decreased sales, and a damaged reputation.
  4. Increased Support Costs:
    • IT support teams spend more time troubleshooting and resolving issues.
    • Additional labor costs and external consultants become inevitable.
  5. Security Risks and Breaches:
    • Poorly configured devices create vulnerabilities, paving the way for security breaches.
    • Costs associated with recovery, fines, liabilities, and reputation damage.


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